Easy Reverse Canvas Tutorial

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Hey guys. So I had made and posted this, it’s called a reverse canvas in a couple of different Facebook groups online. And it got a really big response and a lot of questions, so I thought I could help answer some questions by doing a quick video tutorial. So I went to a really quick design and show you how I do it from start to finish, but I also want to show the supplies that I use. Um, so this is what a fancier one looks like. This was a birth announcement, uh, from design bundles.net. I’ll put the link down below. Um, I gave this as a gift to a cousin of ours that just had a baby and it hasn’t, doesn’t have the hanging hardware yet, but I am gonna put some hanging hardware here. This is how it looks in the back. So you see, it looks nice and neat and I’m gonna show you how I did that.

Um, this is another one I did for our house. This is with a wood stain. The other was with chalk paint. I’ll show you both of those. This is a wood stain. Uh, called Briar smoke. I’ll put a link for that so you can see that it’s from home Depot. Nothing fancy. And you can see again how nice and neat it looks in the bag. And it doesn’t yet have the hanging hardware either. But I’m going to add that. So what I use is these, this is a 9×12 size. They sell multi-packs of these at Michaels. This is how they look front and back. And they are, I paid $19.99 for this eight pack. It’s like a artist loft brand eight pack $19.99 but I didn’t pay $19.99. You either use a coupon or they go on sale all the time. So do not pay full price, wait til they go on sale. 

Buy a few packs of you think you’re going to make a lot of these. So I want to show you a couple of different things I use to paint the frames. Um, once you take off the staples of the frame, you’re left with a wood frame that looks, you know, like just bare wood. So this is a Briar smoke wood stain. I just got that at home Depot. I think it was like four 99, five 99 something. It was very affordable and it goes a long way. It’s really liquidity. Um, it’s still almost full and I’ve made a bunch of these so that will go a long way. As long as you keep it kept the pink frame. I used chalk paint so I just used it with the sponge applicator. Nothing fancy. One of these. They cost like 10 cents each at Walmart or, yeah, my goal is you can get them really cheap. 

So I just use a pair of regular home pliers to pull the rest of it out. I use an Exacto knife as my weeding tool. It’s my favorite. The blades are super cheap, easy to replace. I pay a dollar 99 for replacement blades, a pack of five at home Depot. I don’t recommend getting them at craft stores because you’re gonna pay a premium. Home Depot has them for a dollar 99 for the pack of five, and if you use them to weed, you put a lot of pressure on the tip, so you probably be replacing them more often than usual. Um, I also use a Sharpie, which is my favorite tool and I’ll show you what I use it for in just a few minutes. And then this arrow, a little handheld kind of power staple gun. It’s a quarter inch staples in here and again, home Depot, but it’s not as heavy duty or as violent as the regular staple guns, but it does have quite a bit of punch and that’s what I use to staple the canvas back onto the frame, which I’ll show you. I use heat transfer vinyls, so my heat press is turned on. Um, I have used adhesive vinyl, but I find that the heat transfer vinyl works better. I don’t have to do anything to the canvas and it’s a lot easier for me, especially with, um, intricate designs like this that would need a lot of weeding. With adhesive vinyl. I had used adhesive for other things, more simple projects, um, but I prefer the heat transfer. Okay. So I’m gonna start taking these staples off.

So basically I wiggle this in there. It requires quite a bit of muscle. And if the whole thing doesn’t come off, I just fold it back and I pull it off with the pliers at the end. Okay. So I have pulled up all of the staples. This is what I use my pliers for because a lot of times they just come out unevenly. So I just grab my pliers and pull out. Now I’m not a handy person. I’m not someone that uses pliers all the time. I’m probably using them incorrectly. Um, but don’t judge me. I just grab it and pull ’em out. Seems like this is probably how they used to pull out teeth back in the day. Um, now just use caution cause they are sharp staples. Also keep track of them. If you have little kids at home, like I do a, you don’t wanna let them fly all over the place. 

Once you get all your staples out and get the canvas off the frame, the rest is pretty quick other than whatever your drying time is for whatever color you’re painting your frame. So the wood stain takes, let’s say the woods day. It takes a good two hours. Um, I like to put it off for five. Yesterday it took about two hours to dry. The chalk paint is a lot faster. I think it takes about an hour. Um, so obviously I do that part first and then, um, let that dry as I’m making my, uh, heat transfer design. There we go. Okay, so that’s off. Now I’m going to pull this off just to show you what it looks like when you pull it off. So there is your frame and then this is what your canvas looks like. This is the front, this is the back. You can use whichever side you prefer.

People use all types of sides. It’s not crafting, so then doesn’t have to be perfect. Okay. So my Sharpie is one of my favorite things to use because what I do is I open this up, I leave my frame centered in place, I use my sharp beam and I draw all the way around my frame and I find that this gives me a really good result when I go to cut my canvas into the right shape. One last tool. I use this as a quilting ruler. I use this because it’s the only one I have. Um, there’s probably a better way to do this. Uh, I just use what I have at home so that I don’t have to, you know, spend extra money. So what I do is I go in about a half inch. I’m somewhere between a quarter inch and a half inch of, you know what, where that blue line is. So I just line it up here. I make sure it’s straight. So I’ve got the line going right down the middle of my numbers and that’s when I use my, uh, box cutter. Be careful, I just put a straight line down. You throw that away. Do the same thing all around, all four sides. Now this is gonna take some trial and error based on what you like. This is what I like.

So you can see it’s very consistent all the way down the, the edge. I like the nice, neat square. You want to use a ruler when you do this because you want it to look nice and neat. Okay? If it wiggles a little bit, it’s on the backside. So it’s not the end of the world. You can see it is mostly straight there. So this is actually a really good visual because you can see here, you can put your frame right over it and you have a covers the whole frame. And then when you turn it over you can see you’ve got about a half inch, um, on the entire border of the frame. That’s where your staples go. So I am going to make my design and I’ll be right back. Okay. So I wanted to add one quick tip. When you are designing this, this is a nine by 12 frame, but the space inside here is not actually nine by 12.

So what I’ve done is you want to measure exactly how much space you have. So that’s like nine and a half by about six and a half inside. That’s not exact science. That’s more or less because you want your design centered, but you also want some breathing room around the design. What I’m done in silhouette design studio. Um, I have the designer edition just in case anybody wants to know what version it is. I have created for myself a red box that is six and a quarter by eight in the quarter. That’s the size that I like for my canvas. So you might be able to see it there. Um, that’s what I fit my design in. So each time that I make a design that I know is for a nine by 12 frame, I work inside that box. So I’m going to do that right now. Okay. So we picked, my husband picked this, uh, sorry about the mess. Love lives here. So this is an SVG that I buy. I buy all of these with commercial license so that I can use them for anything that I’d like. So I’m going to show you how I just copied and pasted it over into my little red square frame. I stretch it to the right size.

So this is really cute. Sorry about the mess. It’s my house usually and then I’m always apologizing, but it is full of love. Okay. So when you’re working with heat transfer vinyl, you want to make sure to mirror the design. So I always flip horizontally. I move my red box out of the way because I’m not going to do anything with that. I don’t actually want it to cut out. I cut my vinyl down to the right size so that I only use what I’m cutting. So I use another quilting ruler that I already had. I so as well. So I use this to cut my vinyl. I use Caesar easy weed, heat transfer vinyl that I get from my local supplier, GSM, Florida group. But they do sell on Amazon as well. So I highly recommend them. I’m going to put a link to their Amazon website.

I cut this down. This is like almost nine inches long. I’m not gonna waste an inch. I’m just going to cut it six inches wide. I’m not going to worry about the extra inch. Sorry. I should say I am gonna waste an inch, but I’m not gonna worry about it because I’m going to sell this and I’m going to make my inch back and profit. Okay. So you’re going to apply your vinyl with a shiny carrier side sheet down the mat side goes facing up because we reversed it. So remember the mat side is where the adhesive is. So you are going to, I’m not that good at this, so just bear with me. Luckily these mats are not so sticky. You can fix it if you make a mistake.

Okay, you’re going to, this is a silhouette cameo three. That’s why my husband bought me for my birthday I think for Christmas. And you could see I have a very small workspace. So I moved the computer, bring the computer back where the computer bring it back. So I have it on my ratchet blade. That’s what I had sent in my number one. It’s smooth heat transfer vinyl and I have it on the standard settings. I’ve taught my blade on number two. This is the silhouette premium blade. Uh, it’s what my husband bought me as an accessory for or this and that’s it. I’m going to send it.

Yeah, that’s done. Took about two minutes. I pulled that off. I know some people like to weed on their mats. I am not one of those people. I take it off again. I use my Exacto knife and I do go slow because this doesn’t typically rip but it can if you go too fast. I’ve been too rough with it in the past and I have ripped it, especially when it’s a lot of calligraphy or little skinny lines that can easily rip off. Okay, so I was all we did, sorry about the mess, love lives here and there is an extra little piece with these calligraphy cutouts. It’s like so many little loopy things to weed that you can easily fall right back onto your transfer sheet. So this side is sticking. I have my canvas right here. I like to just eyeball it and center it.

If you are really picky, just measure it. No big deal. Take your time. I am not really really picky so I put that right on. It sticks on with the carrier sheet. This is what it’s going to look like and then I’m going to take it over to the heat press. Now my heat press is, has a coating, so if yours doesn’t have a Teflon coating, use parchment paper. Put some tough one on there. Whatever you want to do. Don’t put bare metal on there. It’s that at three Oh five and I’m only going to do it for five.

You already see that the exterior sheet peels off really easily. It looks adorable. I’m going to press it for one more quick. Again, just to make sure I have a really good seal on everything with the canvas. You don’t need to press it a long time. It’s not apparel, it’s not going to get worn. Um, you can see if you zoom in a little closer or you can kind of see the texture on the letters already grabbing the texture of the canvas soon and show you how quick this is to get this back on. This was our frame. This is more or less where I want it. So you can see I’m not too fancy about it. I just hold it with my fingers. This is where this awesome staple gun comes in. I put one in each corner.

I just slowed it down. Don’t do anything fancy.Okay. Again, these are quarter inch staples from home Depot, the arrow brand.That’s it. Simple as that. You have a beautiful, clean finish, really cute home decor piece. Hope you liked it.


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