DIY Toilet Paper Christmas Gag Gift

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What is Gag Gift Toilet Paper?

DIY gag gift toilet paper makes the best gift idea for a white elephant Christmas party.

If you are looking for a funny, cheap DIY gag gift for Christmas for a family member, coworker, or white elephant party, then this is the perfect video tutorial for you!

The video tutorial below shows you how I make my gag gift toilet paper in just a few minutes, using heat transfer vinyl, a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine and an iron, or cricut mini press.

Watch the DIY Gag Gift Tutorial Video

Supplies Needed For Gag Gift Toilet Paper:

Cricut Mini Press
Silhouette Cameo 4
Design Cut File

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DIY Gag Gift Toilet Paper Using Heat Transfer Vinyl Silhouette Cameo Tutorial
DIY Gag Gift Toilet Paper Using Heat Transfer Vinyl Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Prefer to read the video transcript? Here you go.

Hey there. Welcome to my

Today I’m going to show you how to turn an ordinary roll of toilet paper into the best gift that you can take to a white elephant Christmas party.

So you’re basically gonna start with just an ordinary roll of Charmin toilet paper. You can buy these in bulk at Costco if you’re gonna make a lot of them.

Let’s go over to the computer and I’ll show you how I work out the design of the file itself. So we’re at the Silhouette Studio screen. So this is the SVG file that I downloaded from Hoopmama Designs. Basically it says, “Here’s Your Crappy Gift.” It’s really funny and it’s really cute to take to a Christmas party as a Christmas gift. That’s why I really like it.

Here she has it in multiple colors. Just to show you an idea of how you could do the design, but I’m just going to cut it in one color for the sake of speed. Just because you know it’s toilet paper. So I’m not going to do so much design work with it. It’s not like a t-shirt.

So what I’m gonna do is, I like to size these to fit inside of a 4″x4″ square. So all you have to do is select the entire design. You can resize it based on pulling this little square shape. You know, you can pull it, make it bigger, you can push it in and make it smaller.

Silhouette Studio has really cool guides that you can pull down.

I like to just make the size, shape that I want to fit something into. And I know where I’m gonna put this on my cutting mat. I’ve already pre-cut my square. I’ve mentioned before that I like to precut my squares of, you know, vinyl or whatever I’m working with.

Some people like to just use the whole sheet and then cut out a particular spot of it. I don’t, I like to cut the size that I’m working with.

So basically when you are working with heat transfer vinyl, you have to cut it in reverse because you’re cutting on the backside of the material. So I select my shape, right-click and flip horizontally. So that is going to mirror the image.

Don’t forget to mirror because then it will cut your design out backwards if you forget to do that.

So you’re going to go over to your send panel and you can see that this is already set up with the correct cut lines. But, my materials are not correct. So my Cameo 4 is selected. That is the right machine, but the material is not correct. So I’m going to select the correct heat transfer material. It is smooth heat transfer vinyl. I’m just gonna use black. I’m going to use autocut. It’s recognizing that I have a regular blade in there. I also have the auto blade in there, so that’s correct as well. So the machine is recognizing the right tools. The cut setting is correct. I leave this on the standard settings because that works well for me.

Some people like to make adjustments. You might need to make an adjustment based on the type of material that you’re using or the particular brand. Just go ahead and do a test cut, using the test cut button to make sure that it weeds correctly when you are using a new material.

So once you have your mat loaded into your machine, you’re going to hit send to start cutting. Like I said, I like to pre-cut my shapes, put it on the mat, and you’re just gonna line up your mat with the little gray line on your machine. You’re going to hit the arrow, to load your mat and I’m going to hit send.

When you’re working with heat transfer vinyl, you’re gonna weed away the parts that you’re not gonna use.

So sometimes you do have a little spot that might get stuck because of something either on your mat or something didn’t cut all the way through. It’s okay. It’s totally normal. You can just use your Exacto knife to kind of make the cut.

Once you’ve weeded it, I’m gonna use my Cricut mini-press, to go ahead and iron that onto the toilet paper.

What you want to do is pull out a few sheets, fold it over a little bit, go ahead and place your design right on the toilet paper, and then just iron right on it. Just go over and just little by little here and you can see the heat transfer vinyl’s going right into the toilet paper. It’s very easy and fast. You’re just going to peel it right off gently. Remember, you are dealing with toilet paper.

You roll that back up and that’s that.

You can see how quick and easy that is to create. It makes a great gift for coworkers, a gag gift, a white elephant Christmas party, gift exchange, anything that you need to just take something different, unique and funny.

This was an SVG file. I don’t know if you guys already know, but if you’re looking for more SVG files, I have a huge resource of 75 websites where you can download free SVG files. You can just click the link and download the resource. So I hope that you enjoyed this video, and if you did, please subscribe, give me a thumbs up and hit the bell for notifications.

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